RaceCal Ltd.; founded by Romain Levesque specialise in the calibration of engine management systems across a variety of disciplines in the Motorsport sector.

With over 15 years experience in the business RaceCal has built up a formidable reputation calibrating fast road cars, record breaking 2000bhp drag vehicles, 24hr endurance series winning race vehicles and anything in between.

Now a team of two joined by Rob Fisher (ex Cosworth/Pectel), RaceCal pride themselves on offering quality engine calibration services to the industry across the globe working with a variety of different hardware from the likes of Syvecs, Life Racing and Cosworth. The client base ranges from the UK, to mainland Europe stretching all the way to the US, Asia and even remote colonies such as Martinique.

Coming into 2020 saw the installation of a brand new in-house Mainline Hub Dyno, the dyno based just north of London, allows RaceCal to calibrate cars that produce in excess of 2500bhp in a controlled and safe manner.

RaceCal's key services:

  • Consultation, supply, fitting and calibration of engine & chassis control systems. (ECU, Display, PDM/PDU etc)

  • Systems and data engineering at the track or remotely.

  • Research and development – CAN Bus reverse engineering; custom control strategy creation etc.

  • In house DI and PI injector cleaning service.

  • 2500bhp capable in-house Mainline Hub Dyno for our calibration work, also available for hire.
  • Wiring loom design and supply.
  • Product and systems training.


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