Acura RDX Injector 410cc

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By far the most popular uprated injectors at the moment, originally retrofitted to K-Series engines, now often also fitted to B/D/F/H-Series engines too.

These injectors are genuine new items manufactured by Acura (Honda's luxury brand in the USA), you can expect near perfect reliability as with all OEM parts. The RDX injectors have fast become the "go to" upgrade for many different Honda engines.

These injectors are 100cc bigger than those found in most K-Series engines, the K20A/K20Z Type-R and the K24 all use 310cc from the factory. These are therefore ideally suited to those seeking an injector for high-powered naturally aspirated applications or even those using low boost. Renowned for having an excellent spray pattern and atomisation.

Will fit all K-series inlet manifolds, all you need to do is re-pin the plugs.

*Price is per injector | Compatible pin/plug sold separately. 

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