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Cosworth's IPS48 Mk2 uses solid state power devices to upgrade and replace traditional DC fuses and circuit breakers, with the benefit of simplified wiring and better control of power consumers.

Designed to drive a wide range of electrical loads, each of the 48 outputs supports PWM control and has individual current and voltage measurement with user-defined trip limits.

The monitoring of all outputs is performed by a high speed FPGA resulting in output protection time of ~40us.

Output control strategies are fully configurable via user defined maths from within Cosworth’s latest Toolset PC software. Physical inputs and CAN channels can be easily combined to create features such as auto start, light flash patterns, pump control and limp home strategies all without any programming knowledge.

More complex strategies can be developed using Cosworth Autocoding software tools, which enables the use of Simulink models to define control strategies.

Enclosed in a high quality anodised aluminium box, sealed to IP65, there are indicator LED’s for all 48 outputs, heartbeat, comms and trip status.

Designed to operate on 12V systems with over voltage and load dump protection; combined with a powerful built in diagnostics logger makes the IPS48 Mk2 a true standalone intelligent power control system.

The IPS48 Mk2 builds upon the successful IPS48 Mk1 with the following features:

• Approximately 3x more bandwidth between CPU and memory.

• Rapid output protection response time (~40us).

• Auto zeroing of current measurements on start-up.

• Synchronous current measurement for accurate peak current measurement.

• 50kHz sampling on all voltage/current measurement

• PWM support for all outputs.

Spec sheet and pinout details available by clicking here

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