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Pi Toolbox is a suite of flexible and powerful data analysis tools with development potential that can help you solve engineering and design problems. Its power and flexibility has been designed to assist and complement problem solving techniques employed by data analysis technicians and engineers.

Pi Toolbox is most commonly used with Cosworth Electronics ECU's, Data Loggers and Power Management Devices which output .pds files.

Use the powerful inbuilt displays such as time distance charts, X/Y plots, histograms, track maps and much more to analyse your data.

Furthermore, subject to the licencing level used, it is also possible to open/export .MAT (MATLAB), .TXT and .XLS files if using external tools or devices (such as simulators) outside of the Cosworth Toolchain.

Licences are available on a USB Dongle, or now as a software key which can be supplied via email. If you are using v7 and wish to upgrade, please email for upgrade pricing.

Licences are valid for life, the price is not a fee that has to be paid yearly unlike other analysis software on the market.

If you would like some sample data or user guidance, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.  

New Features for V9 include:

  • Pop up alarm displays
  • ‘Canvas’ worksheets - free form layout of controls within a worksheet
  • x64 bit for increased speed and improved handling of ‘GB’ size datasets
  • Ability to toggle between time/distance for all displays and worksheets
  • T/D chart - trace line weight configurability
  • T/D chart - ability to ‘control + drag’ when segments are shown
  • T/D chart - ability to ‘shift-click’ when segments are shown
  • Bar graph has been improved by increasing user area by reducing wasted space
  • Ability to turn off track map segment marks in map control
  • Small captions on / off per worksheet (not global)
  • Enable display border colour to show the task colour when captions are hidden
  • Reduce bit-indicator minimum height
  • Tabular outing report has improved lap number accuracy when used with Realtime telemetry
  • Ability to turn off channel names, ticks and axis labels on bar and dial controls
  • Support for export to .xlsx file format
  • Reduced the minimum allowed size for displays.
  • Ability to show/hide multiple outings at once from the task explorer
  • When using small caption mode, control title bars now indicate the colour of the associated task
  • Added display option to toggle current worksheet control between distance and time mode.
  • When loading outings longer than 2 days in length, Toolbox will now prompt the user with a warning to avoid memory and performance issues.

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