Haltech TMS-4 Tyre Monitoring System

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SUITS: Haltech Nexus and Elite ECU's using NSP and ESP Software
1 x Haltech TMS-4 Reciever
1 x TE Mcon to DTM-4 CAN Cable
4 x Sensors (choose internal or external from drop down)
4 x anti-theft lock nuts Lock Nut spanner (if using external sensors)
Mounting Hardware
Quick Start Guide
NOTES: Batteries for external sensors are included and are replaceable (Use- CR1632) Typical lifespan of battery is 1 to 2 years
Batteries for internal sensors are included and are NOT replaceable Typical lifespan of battery is 3years
The TMS-4 can fire several optional trouble codes, including:
  • Pressure High / Pressure Low
  • Temperature High
  • Air Leak Detected
  • Sensor Battery Voltage Low

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