Hondata K100 [Supplied & Calibrated]

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The K100 is a circuit board that is installed in your ECU in a similar fashion to the K-Series programmable ECU (K-Pro) at a lower cost.

It allows us to install and then customise a calibration specifically tailored for the your car. The prices quoted include supply, fitment and calibration including dyno time.

If the product is purchased online we will arrange a call with yourself to discuss suitable dyno dates and times.


  • Fits inside the original ECU. 
  • Adjustment for different sized injectors, with overall fuel trim.
  • Configurable for different MAP sensors.
  • TPS based table lookup for vehicles running ITBs.
  • Engine protection from air fuel ratio, boost spikes and low oil/fuel pressure.
  • Launch control with Anti-Lag. 
  • Three multi purpose outputs for options such as nitrous control or similar.
  • Optional PWM output for boost control.
  • Alternate speed sensor input.
  • Dash output serial & CAN streams.


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