Plex μSDM 100/102

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2.4” High-Contrast OLED Micro Dash Display suitable for most after-market ECUs. Being fully configurable (custom CAN BUS), the PLEX μSDM comes with the Smart Alarms, the Auto-display Page Changing,  the permanent Engine Log, the 1-click Peak Hold function and the overall quality and specifications that are found on the larger SDM Dash Displays.

It works both vertically and horizontally and is perhaps the best available choice for decluttering your dash board. Pro-verion (μSDM-102) includes 32MB datalogging memory, 1 RS232 port, 4 Multi-purpose inputs and 2 Thermocouple inputs.

Key Features

  • 2.4” High-Contrast Antireflective OLED display
  • Automatic display page changing
  • Preloaded Smart Alarms
  • Custom CAN BUS
  • Display of up to 64 ECU/OBDII Channels
  • 32MB internal datalogging memory with 20Hz logging rate (Pro-version only)
  • 4x Digital/Analog Inputs (Pro-version only)
  • 2x EGT Inputs (Pro-version only)
  • Multiple display page layouts
  • Permanent Engine Log
  • 1-Click Peak Hold Function
  • Math Channels (Pro-version only)
    and more

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