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The SDM-700® is Syvecs new 7” Pro-level Dash Display & Central Logger that is suitable for the most demanding of usage cases. Weighting less than 800g, it comes in a high quality , IP67 sealed, CNC aluminium enclosure and features an ultra-vivid, high-brightness anti-reflective TFT display.

Combines best-in-class display functionality and UI with full spectrum datalogging and performance measurements. Availble in two version (Basic & PRO) the unit is very easy and quick to configure via the Device Manager SW.


  • 7” High-Brighness TFT Display

Uncompromised quality with 1000cd daylight view 800×480 display. ARC type broadband anti-reflective coating. Easily viewable in all light & weather conditions.

  • Built-in 50Hz GPS Module

Up to 50Hz internal GPS module with ultra-fast start-up time (1-3 sec) enables accurate predictive lap-timing with section break down and raw data logging.

  • Ultra High Speed Sim. Sampling Analog Inputs

8x 16bit bipolar analog inputs with up to 200kSPS per input for advanced functions like combustion and vibration analysis

  • Smart Alarms / Warnings

22 pre-loaded Smart Alarms require that you only input the trigger value. User defined alarms and alarm history (last 200) also available.

  • IP67 Environment Protection

Fully sealed enclosure effectively protects device against dust and water

  • High Volume & Speed Datalogging

Log up to 500 data channels at 1000Hz

  • QuickGlance™ UI

Proprietary UI design ensures optimal viewability and reduced driver distraction by optimising smart colour coding and contrast for the driver’s peripheral vision.

  • Up to 1024 Data Channels

Display and log up to 1024 different data channels, status/error flags from external sensors, connected devices and internal calculated values

  • Up to 4 Fully Configurable CAN BUS Ports

Programmable CAN BUS ports for msg receive & transmit let you configure the display to communicate with any CAN Bus device

  • Up to 32 Math Channels

Create up to 32 user-defined math channels allow custom parameters to be calculated in real-time

  • High-speed USB Port

Ultra fast data log memory download and easy device configuration from the PC

  • Serial Connectivity

2x RS232 ports, 1x LIN Bus port

  • Automatic Page Changing

Hands-free display page changing based on user-defined conditions such as engine status and/or load to help you keep your attention focused.

  • Built-in 100Hz IMU Module

Accurate internal Inertia Measurement Unit provides acceleration and absolute orientation data which can be used for vehicle dynamics analysis

  • Up to 48 Display Pages

Add up to 48 different display pages and choose among different predefined page layouts or create your own

  • Up to 2GB Built-in Memory

Ultra-fast built-in memory allows extreme logging rates.

  • Two 37pin Souriau Connectors* Version Dependant. 

8 multi-purpose inputs (ana, dig, freq), 4x switch inputs, 2x K-type thermocouple inputs, 8x high-speed and precision ana inputs, 2 engine position VR/hall inputs, 4x bipolar speed inputs, 4x LS aux outputs, multiple fixed & adjustable sensor power supplies

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