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The Syvecs Edition of the Plex SDM300/500 is availble in 3 different configurations as highlighted below.

  • PLEX SDM-300® SYVECS Edition| Entry level Motorsport Quality Display
  • PLEX SDM-500® SYVECS Edition | Smart Dash Display/Logger with on-device Data-log Analysis
  • PLEX SDM-500 GPS® SYVECS Edition| Smart Dash Display/Logger with GPS & Performance Meter

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Product Highlights

Control at your Fingertips

A dedicated ECU control display page allows easy selection of different ECU maps (ECU calibration switch) as well as switching of ECU functions such as ALS (anti-lag) and launch control. The user can manipulate these ECU settings either via the supplied SDM-Joystick (SDM-500/500 GPS) or the side keys on-the-fly, without the need for a PC. 


Enhanced CAN Data Sharing

The PLEX SDM Displays do not act as a mere displays/loggers. Two-way communications further expand the functionality of both the SYVECS ECUs and the dashes. The SDMs transmit data from their analog sensors, EGTs, 3-axis accelerometer and GPS module back to the ECU, whilst the SYVECS ECUs can control the auxiliary outputs of the SDMs and yet increase the available outputs. The SDMs are also capable of exporting their logged files in a file format compatible with the SYVECs S-View PC software. A comprehensive array of more than 88 different ECU data parameters (channels) can be viewed and recorded with the PLEX SDM displays. All parameters have been carefully selected to assist in tuning, driving and troubleshooting. In specific, the user can view 64 realtime engine parameters, 8 engine status flags, 16 sensor error flags.


Precision GPS and Accelerometer

The SDM-500 GPS version comes with an integrated performance meter and lap timer that can effectively measure the following vehicle performance: 0 – 100kph, 0 – 200kph, 0 – 300 kph, 100 – 200kph, 200 – 300kph, standing 1km time and exit speed, standing 1 mile time and exit speed, top speed, 18m time and exit speed, 201m time and exit speed, 402m time and exit speed. Up to 10 sets of measurements can be kept and downloaded to the pc. While measuring performance, regular logging is also active so that users can combine all data together on the PC software and generate useful insights. The lap timing feature works by using the GPS position and speed data to calculate track lap time and predict current lap performance.


Smart Displaying of Data in User-defined Formats

To minimize driver movements as much as possible, the SDM-300 includes 4 configurable engine status display pages (warm-up, high-load, race/rally, normal) that are changed automatically when certain user-defined conditions are met. Six more display page layouts are also pre-installed with a total number of different display pages reaching 24. The driver can also quickly view the Min. and Max. values of every parameter in every display page with just 1-click. Among the different display type gauges, the SDM displays comes also with rolling-charts of pre-defined parameters with configurable refresh rate that show history from 3 sec to 10min. This type of display object is ideal for temperatures and lambda indicators. User configurable warning & limit functionality is also provided and can be set both on the device or via the PC software. Alarms appear superimposed in high contracts over the dimmed display page and according to default priorities and the driver can decide whether they are removed automatically after few seconds or after he acknowledges them by clicking on the side buttons or via the SDM-Joystick. Finally, a history of the last 100 alarms is stored in memory for later retrieval and includes alarm type, date/dime, value and duration.


On the Fly Configuration and Control

The PLEX SDM displays are perhaps the only fully configurable dashes on the fly, meaning that the user can set up, reconfigure and define all the parameters displayed on each display page easily via the device’s sided keys/scroll or with the optional wired SDM-Joystick (SDM-500) without needing a PC. Although a free PC software is also available, the on-device configuration offers unparalleled convenience and time saving.


Independent Continuous Engine Log

A continuous and permanent log records key engine parameters and usage history which are then stored in memory and visualized in comprehensive histograms with max. values tables. The password protected log is available both on the device as a separate display page and can be downloaded and accessed via the PC software.


Dashboard Friendly Mount and Installation

A 19mm only uniquely shallow total installation depth makes the SDM-300 suitable even for placement over OEM dashboards. There are no protruding wires and no connectors to get in ones way. A vertical connector allows for flat installation without having to modify ones dashboard.


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