Syvecs S-GDI4

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The Syvecs SDI ECU is the perfect solution for integrated direct injection engine management. Based on the highly popular S8 architecture the SDI just has less inputs and outputs for those GDI applications that don’t require the complexity of the full S8.

The SDI is designed to directly control and drive all Gasoline Direct injectors including parts from Ford, GM and Bosch (including Bosch Motorsport types) without the need for an external driver box. As standard it caters for 4 Cylinder engines but we can provide for more cylinders via the use of the S12 Ecu and GDI boxes.


Technical Specification

4 Ignition Coil outputs – IGBT or TTL

4 GDI Injector outputs

12 PWM Outputs

4 Half Bridge Outputs - Up to 20A output per Full Bridge (DbW & HDP-5)

24 general purpose inputs

2 Knock input

1 NTK wide band Lambda interfaces

2 K-type thermocouple interfaces

100 MHz full duplex Ethernet for connection to PC for programming and data download

2 Can 2.0B interfaces

RS232 serial interface

6 to 26v input voltage range with reverse polarity protection

2 regulated 5V sensor supply outputs with protection

Software configurable sensor (5v to 12v) sensor supply output

Unregulated sensor supply output which tracks the ECU supply voltage

5 Separately protected sensor and communication ground inputs

4MB Memory

88 pin automotive connector

Anodised aluminium case

Dimensions 178 x 122 x 36 mm

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