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Good morning everyone, We hope you are still all keeping safe with the ongoing developments surrounding the COVID-19 situation across the world! As you know at the beginning of the lockdown, RaceCal followed all government advice and temporarily closed our doors putting all calibration/mapping work on hold to help protect our customers, ourselves and the general public. Following on from the governments update earlier this week and being able to return to work if you cannot work from home (unfortunately the dyno doesn't fit in the lounge!) 😅 we have decided to start staging the reintroduction of our calibration services adhering to...

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Dyno Tuning, Ignition Timing, Knock Control, Mainline, MBT, SCal, Syvecs, Tech Insight -

This week's Tech Insight focuses on a term that you may (or may not!) have heard used before when it comes to calibrating an engine. MBT is an important aspect of engine calibration as it is directly related to the torque the engine produces and how safely at your chosen ignition advance. To get a better understanding of MBT, we should first start with a recap on the fundamentals of the spark delivery on a 4-stroke engine. The term ‘ignition timing’ / ‘ignition advance’ / ‘ignition angle’ refers to the point in the engine cycle at which the spark event...

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Cosworth, ECU, Engine Calibration, Motorsport, Paddle Shift, Pectel, Pi CalTool, PiResearch, Sequential Gearbox, SQ6, Tech Insight -

Welcome back to part 2 of our sequential gearbox 'tech insight'. You may remember that we classified our previous article as an entry level closed-loop implementation; this does mean you can take the process one step further. The extra step you can take is by removing the manually actuated shifting mechanism and moving to a paddle shift setup.The previous article focused mostly on the Syvecs system; this article will focus mostly on Cosworth’s implementation as it is the one I am most familiar with. If Romain was writing this it would be the other way round!A paddle shift setup has...

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Cosworth, Paddle Shift, Pectel, Pi CalTool, S8, SCal, Sequential Gearbox, SQ6, Syvecs, Tech Insight -

Welcome back to Volume 2 of our Tech Insight series! We hope you enjoyed our first article which gave an overview of how basic maths channels are used in the motorsport world; if you missed it feel free to check out the article and let us know what you think here: Our second Tech Insight is going to revolve around sequential gearbox control and the appropriate systems you need in place to do this correctly and safely. This article will be predominantly based on how we do this with a Syvecs ECU, however the theory can be utilised on...

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Good evening everyone, Following on from our post on our Facebook page earlier today, we wanted to get in touch with you all in regards to how the coming weeks are going to unfold. Nothing matters more to us than the health and safety of you our customers and your families. For this reason and in response to the government announcement last night, RaceCal will temporarily close from here forward.  We understand this may cause some disappointment; for you, our loyal customers as we know some of you have been waiting 8-weeks+ for your slot, however we cannot ignore the...

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