RaceCal March Update

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RaceCal March Update

Good afternoon everyone, we hope you are all keeping well in these uncertain times. First and foremost is the health and safety of all our followers, customers and families, so please take the necessary extra precautions to keep yourselves safe at this time! Anyone that has unfortunately been struck down by this virus, we hope you make a speedy recovery!

Whilst the world focuses on Corona Virus, we are still working away at RaceCal so we thought we’d share what we’ve been up to so its not just Covid-19 news (not that we are suggesting to ignore this!) you are seeing on your news feed.

After patiently waiting our brand new MainLine Hub dyno is now installed and up and running. We have had our first cars on it this week and we are highly impressed with the system already. We have a multitude of adapters, so we can run up a variety of cars to over 2000bhp. When all this blows over, we feel like it would be nice to celebrate with a charity rolling road day. More on this to follow over the coming months.

Another exciting update for RaceCal is our first member of staff will be joining at the end of the month! Rob joins us from Cosworth Electronics (some of you may be more familiar with the Pectel/PiResearch name). Rob has a strong understanding of motorsport electronics and control systems up to the highest levels of competitive motorsport; looking after Cosworth’s premier clients such as Porsche Motorsport, M-Sport (Ford WRC & Bentley GT3), Audi and more, Rob is ready to get stuck in and meet you all over the coming months at RaceCal.

The sole purpose of this is to improve our service to you - our customers; reduce response times to messages/emails & calibration slots, offer a wider range of products on our website and produce more marketing content as we know you all love those videos! This content will give you all a better insight into the kind of work we carry out on a day-to-day basis.

Lastly we must return back to Covid-19. We are still operating as normal at the given time. We are closely monitoring the situation daily and have taken steps to protect our customers and ourselves. For customers visiting our premises just for the day for mapping, please take the necessary precautions to protect you and us.

RaceCal always take care with customer cars, seat covers, wearing gloves etc; this will continue but we are also carrying out spot cleaning on the interiors of cars we work on before and after the dyno. We would appreciate the understanding of customers at this time to limit who comes to the workshop with you and to avoid the workshop as per our normal health and safety terms. As per usual, visits continue to be by appointment only.

If any of our customers who have a booking in the coming weeks are showing signs of the virus, please do not visit us and contact us beforehand to let us know. We appreciate you would have waited a long time for your slot, however please contact us and we can make suitable arrangements to get your car completed at a later date.

Stay safe everyone and we will strive to bring you more content over the coming weeks to keep you entertained if you are self-isolating at home.

If there is anything you’d like us to show or you’d like to learn more about, give us a shout and we can plan some content!

Thanks again,

Team RaceCal

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